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3M 31755 Impregum Soft HM.MB


3M 31755 Impregum Soft HM.MB

Product Details-

The Impregum™ Soft impression material from 3MESPE, featuring the next generation polyether technology offers unmatched accuracy, excellent initial hydrophilicity, an improved taste and an optimal rigidity that provides easier removal from the mouth and the model

hand mixing Impression materials,31755 impregum soft hand mix (120ML+15ML)X2

  • Excellent initial hydrophilicity captures and reproduces precise details, even in a moist environment – Excellent for subgingival preparations
  • Thixotropic with a snap set property – Flows under pressure, yet remains viscous in the tray or around the preparation
  • Predictable snap-setting characteristics gives a clearly defined and ample working time with rapid transition to the setting phase minimising the potential for distortion.