MD History

Md. Amanullah Badal
Managing Director & CEO

Our presence in the procurement and marketing activities of Health Care Products combined with many years of product expertise in the strength of our business. It reflects our deepest commitment to the best quality and service. Since the founding of the Badal And Company, our flexibility in a changing market, strong partnerships with customers and suppliers, as well as innovative product applications have lead to continuous growth.


Md. Amanullah Badal


In the year 1981 Md. Amanullah Badal founded the trading company in the name and style of Badal And Company initially as Customs Broker which is still owned and run as a family business today and has been expanded into as Freight Forwarding, Ware Housing, Logistic, Distribution and door to door delivery services by representing BDP International (a multinational freight forwarder).

In the year 1992 Badal’s dream came true by building an International Trading Company in the name and style of Globex Marketing Company Ltd.,engaged with marketing activities of Health Care Products (especially in the full range of Ophthalmology), Medical Device & Life Saving Drugs representing as Sole Distributor of World renowned Multinational Manufacturer M/s. Alcon International , USA, M/s. Carl Zeiss, Germany and M/s. Getinge AB, Sweden (Manufacturer of Hospital Sterilization Equipment) also representing many other manufacturers of health care products.

Another Department of Globex looking after marketing activities of Industrial and Clinical Laboratory Equipment & Glassware having representing of renowned manufacturer M/s. Daihan Labtech, Korea, Optima Inc, Japan , M/s. Behr Labor-Technik, Germany, M/s. SCO-Tech, Germany, M/s. Kruss Optronic, Germany, M/s. Eralytics, Austria, M/s. Thermo Scientific, USA and M/s. Sci Labware, U.K.

In the year 1996 Mr. Badal expanded into other global and local market and broadened its product range by including more low cost Ophthalmic products to match the range of poor patients in rural community of Bangladesh in the name of Access Medical Services to fulfill the demand of Beginner & Mid level Ophthalmologists whose products are importing from India, China and Korea.

Besides business professional activities Ln.Badal started Social Welfare Activities in the year 2001 by rendering services to the poor ophthalmic patients in the name of Lion A. Badal Eye Hospital by successful Phaco Surgery of cataract patients at free of cost. By the way Ln. Badal is a PMJF Member of International Organization i.e. Lions Clubs International, District 315 A-2,Bangladesh.

For business purpose and to participate various Trade Conference, Seminar, Symposium Mr. Badal visited India, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hang Kong, China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, USA, UK, Spain, Germany, French, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.