MD & CEO Message

Md. Amanullah Badal
Managing Director & CEO

We have started our journey in 1992 and since the birth of Globex , we have engaged our best effort to contribute in healthcare field. We have seen phenomenal changes in healthcare service which we have started together hand to hand. We thanks to those who still recognize our contribution, hard work and dedication and inspire us continuously. There have been many spectacular changes in both service rendering and customers’ satisfaction.

Md. Amanullah Badal


Globex always aims to be the platform of leadership in healthcare service delivery through Quality, Integrity, Accountability, commitment, Professionalism and outstanding Customer Service.

In the tenure of our operation, we have always focused more on customer satisfaction over profitability. Now Globex is an institution, which achieved great success and reputation. We have already established us as a quality healthcare service provider and set a standard business processes which has become a role model for our competitors.

Our goals from this point is to stay abreast of the latest technologies and to accelerate business reform; which includes strengthening customer service, achieving innovation in human resource development and improving business structure while consistently adhering to customer feedback.

We appreciate you, ‘Our Customers and Business Partners’ for continuous patronage and feedback which has been our major source of inspiration. Our fabulous team for all of your hard work, dedication and effort to the betterment of the organization.

We look forward to a more cordial relationship as we take ‘Globex Marketing Company Limited’ to the next level.