Social Responsibility

As a leading healthcare service provider we have significant contribution towards respective healthcare field. We working together with other stakeholders for advancement of the sector and as well contribute to the society. Our corporate mission promotes good cultures which carry the responsibility towards society.

Lion A Badal Hospital: This hospital is the dream project of Globex and its founder Amanullah Badal. The hospital operation is started in 2001 in a rental place and running very smoothly. It has achieved several milestones since operation. We have served around a million eye patients mainly low income and poor patients.

More than 8,000 phaco surgery has been done at free of cost in this hospital which is one o the milestone in the country. 12,000 low cost surgery also successfully completed in this hospital.

Other Services

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Citizenship: Our culture promotes responsibility towards patients, employees, and ultimately the citizens well being.

Ensuring Quality: Our culture promotes high quality business conduct and ensuring quality service. We also are dealing best quality products among the globe.

Globex Foundation: Globex foundation works in various aspects to supports distressed people in the society.

Collaboration: With the collaboration with doctors and hospitals we work together for continuous medical education and transferring the latest technology for the improvement of healthcare service and for the betterment fo the society.