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Vitrebond™ Light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner/Base
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3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer/Aerator GS Series


3M™ Steri-Vac™ Sterilizer/Aerator GS Series

  • Cleared for use with single- or dual-channel rigid and flexible scopes, with no restrictions on the length or inner diameter of endoscope channels
  • The single-use, 3M™ Steri-Gas™ Cartridge (100% EO) is punctured only when the chamber door is sealed and the proper vacuum has been drawn, ensuring that gas remains safely inside the chamber.
  • Ethylene oxide is a proven, efficacious sterilant offering maximum assurance that instruments are sterilized
  • Three-zone temperature cont rol anda state-of-the-art, proprietary, dynamic humidification process that adapts and controls chamber relative humidity (RH)


3M™ Steri-Vac™ SterilizerAerator GS Series