1050 Steri-Drape (82×45)cm
Petrifilm Plate Reader
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6420 Petrifilm Enterobacteriac


Anterior Segment Surgical Equipment
INFINITI® Vision System

INFINITI® Vision System with VideOverlay
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The INFINITI® Vision System allows physicians to provide patients with customized cataract surgery. This approach combines unparalleled fluidics with two unique energy delivery systems, providing surgeons  increased efficiency and the ability to customize cataract lens removal to each patient. The system’s OZil® Torsional Handpiece delivers side-to-side, oscillating ultrasonic movement, enhancing surgeon control during surgery. Increased surgical control delivers greater potential for obtaining better surgical outcomes and safety than with traditional cataract removal technologies. This approach also supports the direction of more and more cataract surgeons towards micro-incisional cataract removal.