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COXO DB-685 Penguin Curing Machine LED


DB-685 Penguin Curing Machine LED Product details –


1. A high-power LED, dentistry dedicated spectrum

2. bionic design, LCD display and

3. 4 modes: light, low light, getting brighter, flicker

4. 5-40 seconds curing time can be adjusted

5. Temperature detection, overtemperature protection

6. large-capacity lithium-ion battery, optional rechargeable or direct charge method

7. wired and wireless compatible use

8. built-in high sensitive LED metering system.

9. equipped with rack, comprehensive treatment can be placed on stage

Technical Data:

1. Rechargeable battery (Li-ion), with capacity of 250 exposures of 10 seconds.

2. The weight of hand piece (Including battery and tips) is 149g

3. Interchangeable fiber optic tip with dark cover with a light tip of 8 mm diameter and 360 degrees rotation, autoclave.

4. Charger Voltage:. AC100-240V, 50/60Hz.

5. wavelength:. 420-480nm

6. optical power:. 1200mw/cm2

7. curing time and depth: 5 seconds 3mm