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Euronda Autoclave Sterilizer 21 L


Euronda Autoclave Sterilizer 21 L

Product Details-

  • Class B
  • Autoclave of 18 liters in total conformity with the norm EN 13060.
  • 5 sterilization cycles (B134, B134 Pray, B121, Fast B134, Fast Prion and B 134)
  • Class B to sterilize any type of hollow load including corp.
  • 3 tests of propeller control (vacuum, and Bowie & Dick)
  • Stainless steel chamber,21 liters PED certificate
  • Wide LCD screen integrated control panel.
  • Integrated thermal printer.
  • Memory of the E-memory box for the archiving, management and traceability of the sterilization cycles (optional).
  • Direct access for manual water filling.
  • 230 V, 10 A, 2300 W.
  • Interior dimensions: 25 x 34 cm (21 liters).
  • Dimensions: L45 x D61 x H44.5 cm.
  • Capacity of the tanks: 4 liters.
  • Support for 4 trays provided.
  • Aquafiltrer: deionizer that produces demineralized water, low salt and with direct connection to the water network (optional).
  • Requires the installation of plumbing type washing machine.