GNATUS Dental Set S- 400
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GNATUS Dental Set S- 500


GNATUS Dental set S- 500 Product details –

Dental Surgery
Chair Material
Operation Mode
Type Of Dental Chair
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Unit

Product description:


EASY-FIX SYSTEM: The dentist’s and patient’s feet supports are both removable, providing easier cleaning. The Easy-fix System also allows the removal of both back and head rest.

TRENDELENBURG POSITION: S 500 chair is equipped with synchronized movement of seat and back.

AUTOMATIC ARM CHAIR: When “return to zero” position is activated, the arm chair goes automatically down, meaning freedom of movement to the patient and to the Dentistry professional

HEAD REST: Bi-articulable, removable, anatomical with anterior, posterior, longitudinal and height movements. Easy to use. Provides comfort for patients, with direct visualization of the quadrants of the mouth. Allows treatment of handcapped patients, dental-pediatrics and others.

SAFETY ANTICRUSHING SYSTEM: With safety system that interrupts chair base movement when finding any obstacle

S 500 features an embedded command foot lever, based on the “joystick” model; thinking of the professionals’ usability, the chair movement commands are simply and intuitively operated.

MOVEMENTS LOCK SYSTEM: Locking system of functions and movements of the chair, which allows total safety when performing procedures.

CHIP BLOWER FOOT CONTROL: System to activate the air and water functions of handpieces



–       Delivery unit with pneumatic arm

–       Delivery unit for ambidextrous dental use

–       Flexible, removable and autoclavable handpiece support, protecting them from impact

–       PAD control with a LED negatoscope

–       Pneumatic lock activation

–       Allows up to 5 working terminals (ST + terminals).

–       Suport tray

–       Available in the pneumatic FLEX and upper hoses model



Water unit for odontological use, for auxiliary work such as water supply for waste collection and spitting and sucking activation; ambidextrous (for right- and left-handed).

Attached to the chair, with electronic control panel which activates the following functions:

Water in the bowl, water in the cup holder and water heating of the triple syringe (optional).

Set structure built with steel body covered with high impact polystyrene, high brightness fl at paint-epoxy based polymerized in a heater at 250°C with phosphatized treatment, corrosion and cleaning materials resistant. Round bowl´s cuspidor, with 253 mm diameter, removable, providing a perfect disinfection.

Upper part of the unit with suitable location for the best spitting position, 180° foldable bowl providing total patient comfort.

Hoses are smooth, rounded, soft and flexible, without grooves or striations. Sucking hoses with quick coupler which easily connect and disconnect without the need for tools.

Water flux regulating system allowing fine-tuning in the bowl and the cup holder water flux.

Double system for water supply (network/reservoir) optional.

Master valve (key for water cut) optional.

Tips support, with wide horizontal movement providing greater ergonomics. Automatic selection of tips through sensitive pneumatic valves, allowing lightness in its trigger. Frontal catcher of easy access, facilitating the movement of the articulated arm (available in the models of units with reach arm).

Programmable timer for water trigging in the cup holder and in the spitting bowl by a time interval set by the professional, providing bigger water savings at the office.