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X-Ray Fluoresence


Method Compliance
• ASTM D4294 D3229 D2599 D5059
• ISO 20487 & 8754
• IP 496 & 309
Features and Benefits
The Comfort-S Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) systems is especially designed for on-board total sulfur content analysis in wide concentration range from ppm to percent levels.
The portable compact design with low detection limits and high accuracy makes the Comfort-S. The ideal tool for sulfur testing at sea, offshore or on land.
• Portable, rugged, compact design for total non-destructive sulfur analysis
• Quick analysis in 130 seconds per sample with minimum sample preparation
• User-friendly software and one-touch measurement start for testing
• Training for routine analysis takes only minutes
• Low cost of daily analysis without any gas consume
• Built for tough environments
• Intuitive interface displays on the large 8 inches touch screen
• Low cost of maintenance