ZEISS EyeMag Pro Medical Loupes
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ZEISS EyeMag Smart Medical Loupes


EyeMag Smart Medical Loupes

EyeMag Smart

More than meets the eye

The optical quality of EyeMag® Smart loupes delivers precise images with good color fidelity extending to the peripheral zones. Good depth of field ensures clear visualization of anatomical structures in deep-lying channels. The loupe system, delivered on a lightweight frame, is easy and intuitive to operate, making it particularly attractive to first-time users.

With 2.5x magnification, EyeMag Smart loupes provide large fields of view, enabling you to always see the whole picture. Choose from five configurations ranging from 300 to 550 mm depending on your individual working distance.

EyeMag Smart loupes permit you to always achieve a comfortable, correct seated position allowing you to work ergonomically, preventing back and neck pain.